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Why You Need To Optimize Your Mobile Speed & How You Can Do It

The speed of your mobile greatly determines the kind of experience visitors will have on your website, hence you need to optimize your website for mobile speed. In recent years, Google has incorporated a lot of changes into its search engine, and one of them is that it has started focusing greatly on speed. Truth is, if a website takes more time to load, which is longer than approximately 3 seconds, that is a bigger problem than you realize. Your conversions will reduce and you will not be able to achieve a high ranking on Google search engine pages.

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What exactly is mobile speed?

The first thing that you need to understand while optimizing for mobile speed is that if your website is optimized for desktop speed doesn’t mean it’s optimized for mobile speed. Hence you need to consider this factor.
Speed is extremely important for users, especially in the last few years. Everyone wants their things to be done fast and quick. Also, almost everyone these days owns a smartphone and if they want to search for something, they usually turn to their phones now and so phone speed optimizing has become more important than ever.
Some mobile speed optimization metrics are:

  • Load time
  • Start Render
  • Requests
  • Redirects
  • Time to the First Byte
  • Bytes in/Total size in KB

Want to increase your mobile speed?

Now that the importance of mobile speed optimization is clear to you, you are probably wondering how to increase the speed of your mobile website. There are certain things you can expect your SEO Company to do for you

1. Optimize the caches

As opposed to desktop browsers, mobile caches are not as capable of storing a large amount of content. Hence, it is important to optimize the mobile caches on the website so that the loading page time is decreased. Ask your SEO team to ensure that they steer clear of any unnecessary server requests and make sure that your mobile browser connects to local memory. They would know what to do

2. Ensure you remove all redirects

The processing time increases considerably because of redirects. Hence, it’s better if you ask your SEO agency to remove them. Have them ensure that your users can easily access your website from your phone, but also provide a link to your main web page so that if viewers want, they can click it to easily reach there.

3. CSS and JavaScript optimization

Do not mess with the functionality of the source of code of these servers, but ensure that to remove any unrequired characters or any which are not needed in the source code.

4. Focus greatly on image size

Image sizes play a big part in the speed of the website as would your SEO agency will tell you. They will be using images that are lightweight as they absorb less bandwidth and also take lesser time to process.

5. Minimize site’s weight

There are a lot of factors that influence the mobile page speed of a website, such as a page’s weight and the quality of the internet connection that a user has. What can be controlled is the site’s weight. How to do this? Well, if you are working with a professional SEO team, like at Froztech, they would be aware of putting in extra content on web pages, rather they would only add information that is necessary and relays the message to your users perfectly.
If your page is light, even a user with a poor internet connection will be able to load your page successfully fast and easily. They will also find it fairly easy to scroll through your website’s pages.

Also, your website should be optimized in a way to easily be able to determine whether the device that has opened your website has a slow or fast internet connection, and if it is fast, your site only loads the information that is important and necessary.

6. Server response time needs to be reduced

So, what is a server response time? It is the time your server takes to acknowledge and respond to a browser. Your SEO company will ensure that your website has a fast server by taking steps to improve your server software and configuration.
These were a few tips to help optimize your mobile page speed. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a modern age SEO agency, call Froztech right now and get yourself a free website audit.

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