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Why use AWS Management console in your business?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most used cloud computing platforms globally. You can access AWS through API and AWS Management Console. This article will explain why to use the AWS Management console in your business.

What is the Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service provider. It is available in more than 245 countries. You can access the services across the globe through the internet. 

AWS Management provides more than 250 services, including on-demand services related to Computation, Storage, Database, Networking, Security, DevOps, Messaging, and Machine Learning.  

What is the AWS Management Console?

AWS Management provides two ways in which users can access its services. Programmers can use API access that unlocks additional options specific to developers. Also, AWS provides the AWS Management Console (also known as AWS Console).

AWS Management Console is a web application that allows you to create an AWS account and access and manage a collection of service consoles. It helps you manage the different AWS resources. 

Why use the AWS Management console in your business?

Easy to use.

The AWS Management Console is an easy-to-use and accessible interface. It is the easiest medium to access and manage AWS resources.

You can sign in to the AWS Console using your Amazon Web Services or IAM account credentials. After signing in, you will see the console home page. 

The console home page provides access to each service console. You can access all the information to perform AWS-related tasks in a single place. Also, you can access information about your account, identity and access management, metrics, and billing details.

You can use the search bar to find specific services in the AWS Management Console. As you type the relevant keyword related to the service you are looking for, it provides you with a dropdown suggestion list related to the term you are writing.

The advanced filter options also allow you to find specific services easily. With the “Group” option, you can find services clustered in thematic groups. With the “A-Z” option, you can find the services arranged alphabetically. 


You can customize the console home, adding, removing, or rearranging widgets depending on the ones you want to have at hand.

Additionally, you can create shortcuts by quickly pinning certain services you want to access. For example, for resources you use frequently. You can unpin that service later, and it will remove the shortcut created.

As AWS Management is available in many countries, you can work with different teams and projects around the globe. Therefore, you can select which region or regions you want to use specific resources. 

Supervisors can create permissions to access specific services depending on the role so that each team member can see different services available to them.

You can access it on different devices.

AWS Console has an interface supported by multiple devices, for example, tablets, phones, or computers. The Console supports Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. On top of that, it is responsive, so it adjusts easily to the size of your screen. For example, if you access it on mobile, the buttons and selectors are more prominent to have a  better experience. 

Additionally, you can manage AWS services and resources using the mobile app. The AWS Console mobile app only allows you to perform basic operational tasks, a companion to the whole web experience. The app is available for Android and iOS, and you can download it on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and Apple App Store. 

Multiple resources to learn.

The AWS Management Console provides additional resources for you to explore and learn more about each service. In the “Support” option, you will find all the support you need. There is detailed documentation, “getting started” videos, wizards, workflows, and more educational resources.

Do you want to implement AWS in your business?

AWS Management Console helps you explore the world of cloud computing. If you want help implementing AWS in your business, Froztech can help you. We work on end-to-end IT lifecycle management. Our AWS Management service allows your company to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

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