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What is a Cloud DevOps engineer, and how can they help your company?

Cloud DevOps engineers’ demand is so high today that many companies find it challenging to recruit these IT professionals. But what is a Cloud DevOps engineer? And how can they help your company? Here you will find their skills, responsibilities, and primary functions.

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What is a Cloud DevOps engineer?

Cloud DevOps is a mix of two concepts Cloud and DevOps. The “cloud” is a way to say over the internet, and DevOps refers to a blend of development and operations. Therefore a Cloud DevOps engineer uses the abilities of two professionals: Cloud Engineers and DevOps engineers.

What is a Cloud Engineer?

Cloud engineers create and maintain cloud platforms and infrastructure. They are IT professionals that build remote platforms that allow companies to store and work with data and files using cloud computing (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or others). They focus on Cloud operations and infrastructure.

Their responsibilities include creating cloud designs to optimize processes, managing confidential data over the cloud, working to make different platforms compatible, and developing, implementing, measuring, and monitoring Cloud infrastructure.

A Cloud Engineer can have different roles, such as Cloud Architect, Cloud network engineer, Cloud developer, and Cloud security engineer.

What is a DevOps engineer?

DevOps engineers make the software development and release process faster by connecting engineering, development, and management. They devote part of their time to software design and development and the rest of their time to software delivery. 

They are IT professionals that perform software application development and operations and they focus on operations and quality assurance.

Their responsibilities include implementing effective automation processes, deploying and maintaining web-based applications, and participating in application development, integration, and testing.

Also, a Cloud Expert can have different roles such as software developer, quality assurance, software engineer, software tester, security engineer, and automation expert.

What is the difference between a Cloud Engineer and a DevOps engineer?

Both are tech professionals on the cutting edge of software architecture and development, and both use programming languages like Java and CSS, there are some differences between these two professionals.

Cloud engineers mainly focus on designing cloud computing systems. DevOps consultants may help with Cloud development, but they also can work on other projects such as downloadable applications and software. 

DevOps engineers have a deeper understanding of the software lifecycle and agile methodologies than Cloud consultants. DevOps experts use DevOps practices to improve products and services’ development and release process (including cloud software services). This practice helps to streamline the overall strategy and make it more efficient.

Therefore, a Cloud engineer is considered a subset of a DevOps engineer. Hence, a DevOps engineer’s job growth and salary are higher than that of a cloud engineer.

How can a Cloud DevOps engineer help your company?

A cloud DevOps engineer performs development operations. They use Cloud to deliver pipelines, deploy services, perform development testing, and monitor and manage incidents. These professionals speed the delivery process and guarantee that the service is more reliable.

The abilities of a Cloud DevOps professional include making the service more reliable by applying site engineering principles. They can improve service performance, monitor services, design and deploy infrastructure as code, build and implement CI/CD pipelines for a service, and manage service incidents in real-time.

Cloud DevOps understand the technical and cultural aspects of implementing a DevOps process. They promote synergy between DevOps processes, culture, and target platform

When you use Cloud DevOps, developers and operation teams work together using cloud services to speed up the development process. DevOps and Cloud computing offer great effectiveness and push your company’s IT transformation

Implement Cloud and DevOps in your company

Although you could hire a Cloud DevOps engineer in-house, outsourcing Cloud DevOps to an IT company is a better option. Froztech has professional Cloud DevOps engineers with hands-on experience in Cloud and DevOps that can handle different projects. Also, we are equipped with the necessary technology to develop and deliver your projects.

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