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What Are The Top SEO Ranking Factors In 2020

Your ranking on Google determines how well your business will perform in a highly competitive market. If your website fails to reach the first page of the search results, you can miss out on much business, thus allowing your competitors to stay ahead.
If you want to achieve top rankings on Google SERPs, your website should be optimized using the latest SEO strategies. Investing in SEO will ensure that your company marks its spot on the top of the search results ranking page
However, as Google’s algorithm keeps changing, it is vital to take SEO services from professionals who know about these changes. Experts, like Froztech, would know what the top SEO ranking factors are in 2020. As a result, they would be able to optimize your website to ensure that it ranks on the top.

The Important SEO Ranking Factors For 2020

Adequate domain

The domain name of your website does play a significant role in your rankings. According to Google, proficient domains are often purchased in advance, making them expensive and highly desirable. If you use a keyword in your domain name, it used to boost your ranking; however, the impact has reduced in the last few years with the EMD update by Google. With that said, using a keyword in the subdomain can still increase your ranking.
Using a blacklisted or penalized domain could negatively affect your rankings, even if you are the new owner. Therefore, it is essential to carefully invest in a domain name to offer benefits in the long run.

Properly furnished pages

The appearance of your website’s page is also significantly influential in your rankings. In 2020, using a keyword in the title tag is still relevant. However, its relevance has decreased in recent years. However, if your title tag begins with a keyword, your rankings can rise. Similarly, the proper use of H1 can also help you achieve the desired effects.
The content displayed on your website is also an essential factor in SEO. Ideally, the content of the 1950 words ranks on the first page of Google’s search results. Additionally, the website’s content must be easy to comprehend, helpful, and coherent.
Adding a table of contents can further assist Google in understanding what information your website relays to the online visitors. Hence, by using precise headings, you can boost your rankings.

Functional website

The functionality of the website is essential in SEO. Your business’s website should offer an optimal user experience. A correctly functioning website means that your pages should load quickly, your website should be easy to navigate, the design and layout must be attractive, and it must be helpful for the target audience. An optimized site can land you on the first page of Google’s search results.

Inclusion of backlinks

Backlinks connect your website with other domains, facilitating a more abundant flow of traffic to your page. If you want to rank on the first page of Google’s search results, it is essential to have at least 250 backlinks that create a path to your website. Additionally, creating backlinks with aged and credible domains can work in your favor.

Facilitating user Interaction

User interaction also affects your ranking. Your website should be engaging for the users so that your visitors can turn into customers. A website with a higher return rate would be deemed credible by Google. Therefore, your ranking on the search engine results page would rise to the top.

Froztech remains the only full-service SEO agency that is leveraging all the top SEO ranking factors. Get on board with Froztech and reach the very top.

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