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What Are The Best Internal Linking Practices

Internal linking is an essential SEO technique that is quite beneficial if you want to get more followers and increase your ranking on search engine pages. So, what is internal linking, and what are some of the best internal linking practices? Scroll down to find out!

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is the method by which you connect or link one page of your website to another page of the same site. Hence, both the source and target domain are the same. Internal linking is essential because it helps catch the net users’ attention to browse through a different page on the same website and get to know more about your website and be more engrossed in it. It also helps in website navigation. It plays a significant role in a website’s architecture and functionality. So, how to perfect this particular technique? Here are a few ways!

The best internal linking practices

1. Create more internal pages

It is quite evident that for more internal linking, you need more internal pages. And that can only be achieved through more content creation. Hence, write and make lots of different content for your website, link it through some information, or do anything that connects two different content pages. Then start to link them all up. The more you link, the more internal links you’ll be able to create.

2. Deeper links fare better

Well, make sure that you create deeper links because that will help your website more. Link more to content that users do not generally go to or hidden or buried more profoundly in your site structure. This way, your users can find access to pages they would not usually be able to see or open.
Ensure you avoid more links to the usual, more general stuff such as homepage, contact us, or about us. Linking to such pages is not SEO friendly as it is highly likely that most people will have already seen that and then opened your other content. Also, there are already many links to these pages, and what you need to be doing to strengthen and build up your site is building up more internal relationships.

3. Provide relevant links

It is essential that when you link your content to another content, the link should be relevant to that of the source content, or else the users will be extremely disappointed and may even bounce off. For example, if you write something about makeup products, link it to makeup products reviews, or makeup products best companies or choose one product, write about that and then link your source content with it. However, if you decided to connect your makeup content with shoes, that would be extraordinarily irrelevant and cause users to leave immediately. Hence, be relevant at all times to engage and engross your audience.

4. Don’t go overboard with the links!

Yes, linking is essential and beneficial for your website, but that in no way means that you start adding tons of links on your website. Decide the number of your links depending on the kind of content and the length of content you post, and make sure it’s not too less or too much.
These are a few ways that we believe are one of the best internal linking practices and that you could make use of to get more users and better search rankings. So if you need help in creating the best internal linking strategy for your business, call Froztech right away.

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