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The Most Effective Link Building Strategies

Link building and how you do it is extremely important for a successful website and to impress Google and capture its attention.

Whether you own a small-scale business, just started, or run a successful big website, we are sure all of you can agree on the fact that link building is extremely important to ensure you have a higher ranking on search engine pages.

What is link building?

For many website owners, link building is one of the hardest challenges they have to face. They spend a lot of their time doing this and focusing on setting new and better strategies in place for effective link building. Hence, if you can master this, you can see greater success than ever before. But what exactly IS link building?

Basically, through link building, website owners aim to acquire hyperlinks from other websites to their own. You get other websites to link back to your own. The strategy behind this is that your content is so engaging and appealing than others link their websites to your content. So, the more links you are able to achieve, the likelier the chance that your website will rank higher on Google’s search engine pages.

However, the real question is, how to achieve this? In this article, we will tell you about a few of the most effective strategies you can use for link building and your subsequent road to success.

Start by creating a content that is worth sharing

The first and foremost step to link building is creating content that is worthy of praise and attention. If you put up engaging and innovative content that captures the interest of the audience, you will definitely come under the radar of different websites who will take an interest in you and help you with your link building process. So, be sure to research trends, news, what is popular these days, and what is bound to attract and appeal to people to write interesting and engaging articles, blog posts, videos, or other content types.

Market your content effectively using social media and other resources 

Nowadays, it is very important to use all the technological resources available at your disposal to get your message across to your audience and to websites that might be interested. Almost everyone these days owns a smartphone or any other digital device, such as a laptop or a tablet and you need to ensure you post your content on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and also email and message people to let them know about your content and to capture their interest.

A very big advantage of social media marketing is the fact that it won’t really cost you a lot so you can create better links without spending so much money. Isn’t that amazing?

Put up your links on resource pages!

So, what exactly are resource pages? These are pages that give useful information to the audience about different topics. They might include pdfs, tips, tools, and downloadable content of sorts. Since people find these pages helpful and informative, there is a higher chance that they will keep returning to it and visit them more often than not. Hence, what you can do is convince these website owners to post your links on their website. If you are able to achieve this, there’s a greater chance that your Google ranking will get a considerable boost, increasing the number of viewers and in turn, the popularity and profit of your website. People who will land on these websites may open your link and if they like what they see, voila! You have made loyal viewers!


Quora has become increasingly popular in recent times, with many people visiting it and asking hundreds of thousands of questions. Hence, it is a good place to leave links to your blog posts because there’s a greater chance that people will view them there.

See a topic that is relevant to your blog posts or articles? See a thread where you think the more receptive audience might be present. Just drop a link!


Lots of people appreciate eBooks because they give a personal touch and intrigue the audience. If you know someone who writes well on your team, that’s great, otherwise, hire a writer to write a compelling and engaging industry-related ebook to capture the heart of the audience and appeal to them. By doing so, you will be able to get more and more people to open your links, will generate greater traffic, get a higher ranking, and will be able to get your website the success it deserves!

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