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The Latest SEO Trends for 2020

Your business’s survival in the digital realm is directly dependent on the exposure you get online. As more and more companies shift their businesses to operate digitally, the competition of appearing first in the customer’s search results has drastically increased. Considering this, it is essential for all companies to invest in effective SEO strategies, so they can increase their visibility and stay ahead of the competition.

However, the SEO trends keep changing, along with customer behavior. As a result, your business can meet the criteria used by the various search engines, including but not limited to Google, to increase your visibility. For this reason, it becomes expedient to partner up with SEO specialists, who can understand the fluctuating trends within the industry.

Your business must be aware of the latest SEO patterns in the digital ecosystem, so your website can keep up with the everchanging demands. Consider the following SEO trends observed in 2020.

Snippets induce 54.68% of all clicks on Google

The essence of the internet is defined by the promptness in its response. Today, people do not have the patience to go through a long list, to seek the answers they search for. Considering this need, Google has updated its interface to improve user experience by providing query results swiftly via snippets.

The features snippets on Google assume position zero, which places them ahead of the first organic search result. This means, that a specific chunk of content from your website can be featured on top of the search result rankings, thus driving more traffic to your webpage.

Snippet feature showcases your website to a number of new demographic audiences. You can do this by adding content that provides a specific answer to a precise, yet frequently searched query. Google’s algorithm thoroughly searches the content online and selects a snippet based on its quality and specificity. Therefore, by providing clear-cut answers, your website can land a place at position zero.

Influencer marketing can generate more leads

A trustworthy brand is more attractive to online users. In todays market, traditional advertisements have no comparison to influencer marketing. Today, people are more likely to trust a brand that is backed up by an influencer they trust and love. As a result, there has been a significant increase in influencer marketing.

Your business can address this approach by creating a content strategy that involves influencer marketing. You can partner with a social media influencer who is appealing to your demographic audience. The SEO campaign can plan around the selection of an influencer, the type of content you need to be promoted, and how you can develop resourceful backlinks. When it comes to Google backlinks are a very crucial part of your website SEO.

By incorporating influencer marketing to your SEO strategy, you can increase the exposure to your website and facilitate a larger flow of traffic to your webpage. Consider picking social media influencers with a large following. With their support, your brand can be pitched to a diverse range of audiences.

Voice optimized websites have a better shot at search engine rankings

The voice-activated assistant devices are changing the way people search for things online. This development has had a significant impact on SEO strategies. Instead of using keywords that relate to the search queries, your website should now include content that caters to the conversational style of searching.

Optimizing your website for voice searching can help bring in more traffic to your page. An expert prediction has suggested that your voice searches will go beyond 50% of online searches. Hence, an SEO strategy made for voice searches is crucially important.

Mobile compatibility impacts rankings

Research has shown that around eighty-eight percent of all online searches are through smartphones. Hence, websites that are not compatible with smartphones, or lack a user-friendly interface on smartphone devices, are more likely to fall back on their search results ratings.

This suggests that in addition to having a mobile-compatible website, your webpage must be interactive with a user-friendly interface.

Video content boosts traffic

Entertaining and interactive video content brings more people to your website. Now, a larger group of people prefers to watch videos online instead of reading articles or blogs. Therefore, you can add intriguing videos to your website’s content and employ SEO marketing involving the use of relevant keywords in the description and title of videos.

Content plays an important role

The content featured on the website is now more important than ever. Search engines rank the content that is helpful, recent, and well-written at the top, as people desire to visit websites that offer them something in return. Additionally, studies have revealed that blogs or webpages with a higher word count ( 2000 and more), are more likely to appeal to the users. However, keyword stuffing is not a recommended practice, your content loses co Keeping this in mind, your website should include helpful material that answers the queries that the user has searched.

Applying SEO strategies is extremely important for all businesses operating online. Ranking higher in the search engine can help your business stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, you must employ the aforementioned SEO trends to optimize your website.

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