Who are they? 

TaquillaLive is a large enterprise taking over the ticketing system in Latin America.

After a couple of days of launching the website, TaquillaLive dealt with large International companies such as Live Nation, and major companies in Colombia. They have worked with events producers’ and international artists like Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, etc.

TaquillaLive sells 20,000 tickets a day (and growing) no other ticketing system has this speed in the market in Colombia. TaquillaLive is innovating in all aspects: It is the first ticketing system in Colombia with 3D maps integrated into each stadium, they have launched a fan-to-fan platform, they have a Marketplace where users are able to purchase parking tickets in advance, VIP experiences, products, etc. “


TaquillaLive wants to be the #1 ticketing system in Latin America innovating in technology and user experience.

TaquillaLive required being able to sell over 50,000 tickets in a couple of hours with a seamless experience. They needed an excellent user experience, loading time, and performance (even if there was a lot of traffic on the website). For the payment process, they wanted specific developments since they have different partnerships. For example, they offer the user special discounts when they meet some conditions (payment with a specific card, payment method, or if they belong to the fan’s club from the artist).

Focused on user experience and international standards.

It was imperative that the website was user-friendly and responsive on different devices.

Research was done to better understand the customer and the user experience in this industry.

We ensured that it was easy for the users to navigate the website and find the most relevant information even when: the website must contain the information requested by the government (since Ticketing companies are highly regulated by Colombian law) and the development of some ticketing features provided some challenges for the design. Nevertheless, Froztech successfully manages these scenarios with our development, testers, and QA teams.

TaquillaLive appeals to accomplish international standards in the industry. They were not only focused on local design perspectives but International perspectives that could appeal to the market initially in Latam countries. Based on this, they chose the vocabulary, colors, icons, etc. that best fit their target audience.



TaquillaLive uses AWS Cloud services to give users the best experience and prices

TaquilaLive needed an architecture that was scalable, elastic, and Fault-tolerant. This architecture was built based on the 6 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability. All this gave to TaquillaLive the bases to be a ticketing system with excellent load speed, performance, and reduced operational fees.