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Froztech provides your business with methodical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions.  We take your business, your audience, and your industry into consideration, and offer a robust approach to managing the firm’s online presence. With our ingenious SEO campaigns, your business can land a comfortable spot on the first page of Google’s search results.


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Familiarize Your Business With the Latest SEO Trendss

The digital world is ever-changing. So, work with SEO experts presented to you by Froztech. Our teams continually update their knowledge on the latest digital trends to offer your business the leading solution. With our personalized services, your business can flourish in the online world

We Present Tactical Proposals To Elevate Your Brand’s Online Visibility

Froztech partners up with large and small-scale businesses to provide customized plans to augment the company’s online presence. We offer keyword research and optimization, webpage advancement, content creation, along with content improvement strategies. At Froztech, our teams collaborate to meet your expectations!

Best SEO Services In USA To Give Your Business An Edge!

The first phase of our SEO service includes a thorough website analysis, market research and complete competitor analysis. We take help from your precious insight of your industry and your business. Moving on, we later devise a customized SEO strategy to improve your online visibility.

We Have An Award Winning Team Of SEO Experts

Our SEO company in USA will help you gain tons of invaluable website traffic. With our laser focused SEO campaign fro your business your website ranking is guaranteed. No more gray hat or black hat SEO techniques, we use only the latest methods in accordance with the Google search algorithm

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Create On-page and Off-page SEO Strategies

Improve Your Keyword Strategy

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Make your brand visible to the online community, with the leading SEO Services in USA. 

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Our SEO experts brings more online traffic to your website, avail our services now

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Miami SEO Expert, SEO Consultant USA
Miami SEO Expert, SEO Consultant Austin USA
Miami SEO Expert, SEO Consultant Austin USA
Miami SEO, SEO Austin USA
Miami SEO, SEO Austin USA

The Team

Our SEO Team

State Of The Art SEO Services Plans

We offer three financial service plans.


The SEO BASE Package is meticulously engineered to cater to the surface-level needs of your business. You can pay a one-time fee to receive a customized SEO report based on your business structure and performance. With this package, the teams at Froztech would further optimize your website and prepare it for the increased leads and conversions brought out by the new and improved SEO strategy.


One time fee

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The SEO GOLD option can review your business to offer an industrious solution. With the SEO GOLD package, you become entitled to receive guidance on content usage, keyword research and optimization, and image optimization. The SEO GOLD option further delivers a personalized SEO report relating to your business. The rates of this option may vary, depending on the number of pages present on your website.



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Custom SEO is the ultimate SEO solution for your business. This package qualifies you to receive keyword research, along with a comprehensive insight on your competitors and your target audience demographic. The Custom SEO package further offers full content creation. With this package, you can attain bi-weekly custom SEO reports and team meetings every month.



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Our SEO Clients

The Four Steps For Your Business Online Success

Day 1


Understand your company We will have a friendly call where we will get to know your business. We want to get to know your objectives, where you want to get with Search Engine Optimization and make sure we are a fit for each other.
Day 1
Day 2


Our SEO team will work hard to reasearch about your insutry, competitors and audience to come up with a proposal that will help you boost your position on Google.
Day 2
Day 3


Research and analysis ! Our SEO team in USA will gather all the information required on your target Key words, to create a detailed plan of action including IN page SEO and off page SEO to give you a well rounded solution.
Day 3
Day 21


IT IS FINALLY HERE! Every month we will present to you your Search Engine Optimization report. You will be able to see the new key words you are ranking for, how your position has increased and the activities that Froztech did during that month to give you the results.
Day 21


Most frequent questions and answers

Organic SEO allows you to rank for the keywords searched by people from around the country or the globe. While local SEO tends to establish your online presence in a limited area. By targeting the people of a particular locality, you position yourself in their minds and ultimately get their business.

The role of SEO companies like Froztech is to help clients reach their online and local business consumers either on a global level or within a specific area. We have the best SEO team and consultants onboard who will listen to your particular needs and goals and will develop a fool-proof plan to help you fly high in SERPs.

The cost depends on the number services your business needs, such as targeting specific search terms, history of your website and how much work it will require, location of your business, and just how much SEO work will be needed to take you to the top. You can always ping us to get customized quotes.

For organic SEO, you just need to have a website and its great if you have social media presence. As for Local SEO your business needs to exist physically and have a website. From doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, to beauty parlors, cafes, and restaurants, and so on, virtually all kinds of physical businesses can benefit from Local SEO.


Increase Your Traffic

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Our team of SEO professionals is well-versed in pushing businesses from the last pages of results for a search term to the top position of the first page. 

This helps our clients receive a volcano of traffic and get explosive sales with incredible customer acquisition rates.

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The Benefits

How Our SEO Benefits Your Business

SEO is the only vessel that takes you on a journey of having a few visits from the internet to getting an insane amount of people roaming around the pages of your website. Here are some things it can do for your business:

  • Do you know that 97% of people learn about a business online? (HubSpot). So by getting ranked for the most popular search terms in your industry, you will be put in front of 97% of the potential clients searching for things you offer.
  • Once you start getting ranked for some keywords, you will begin to see a drastic increase in the organic search traffic and, of course, visits from your local visitors. One thing to keep in mind is that if your services are being offered in a specific area, then there is no use of ranking it for keywords searched outside of it. So we will ensure you get ranked on for the most relevant search terms, so you receive only the highly ready-to-convert leads.
  • You will be able to target different categories of people for various needs with high accuracy. For example, if you are a dentist, you can get ranked for a keyword like ‘best root canal surgeon in Miami,’ now you will get people who need this kind of service.
  • You can stand out from most of the crowd and have an edge over your competitors. On a local level, less than half of the businesses currently leverage the power of SEO. So by being proactive and getting ranked for local search terms today, you will have a head start than most of your competitors. This means you will be leading the charts in the future too.

There are many more benefits of getting our digital marketing services, and what we can do to help you have explosive growth, get in touch with us now to skyrocket your rankings.

What is Included in Our SEO Service?

We hold the yardstick of creativity, which is why our team members are savants when it comes to thinking differently and creating unique ranking strategies as per the nature and needs of a business. However, some of our main fortes include:

We will go deep into your website and perform an in-depth analysis of crucial factors like business’s website, search engine standings, daily/monthly traffic, and CTR (click-through rate), etc. Once we know where it lacks in terms of SEO, we will run the horses of our creativity and come up with a solution customized for your needs.

We turn things around on your website ranging from keyword research, Meta tags, Meta titles, to its content, and perhaps make some design tweaks too. Plus, we will optimize your site for speed and make it a Ferrari on steroids for a better user experience. All of these things come together in increasing your value in the eyes of Google.

The ace of spades, off-page optimization is the most crucial piece of the puzzle that we call SEO. From high quality guest posting on relevant websites in your industry to engaging in link building practices, we will ensure your off-page SEO is done the right way.

We can help you create a profile on Google Business. So when people type in your company name or the keywords you rank for, a listing of your business will appear at the center or right side of the page. This builds customer trust and reassures them that you are the authority in your industry.

Our team of highly talented marketers will comb through the internet with a fine-tooth looking reviews and ratings about your business and make you aware to ensure your reputation stays intact.

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