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Secure Your WordPress Website With These Simple Security Tips

The security issue in WordPress can intimidate a lot of people who desire to use the platform. The perceived problem with WordPress is that it features an open script, which can make the websites susceptible to hacking. However, WordPress is still relatively safer in contrast to other similar platforms. If you employ the necessary security measures and run WordPress security checks frequently, you would not have to worry about whether your website could be attacked. WordPress provides you with a series of security measures, which can keep your wordpress website secure from all types of potential attacks.

Tips On How To Secure Your WordPress 

Take the following tips into consideration and implement them to ensure an improved sense of security for your website.

Start Adding Security Features on the Login Page 

The login page is the first aspect of your website which the hacker tries to penetrate. Keeping this in mind, you must employ security measures to block access for unauthorized users. You can add security to the login page by implementing the following tips.

Do not use the default “admin” username

The admin username can make any hacker aware of the authority level of the account. If a hacker accesses an admin account, they would have access to every aspect of the website. Hence, you are required to take this preventive measure and change the username by using an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin. To complicated for you? Let Froztech, your web development company to do it for you.

Pair your username with a strong password

Weak passwords make it too simple for hackers to access your website. As a result, make sure that you set a password that is a mix of capital and small letters and includes special characters and numbers. Additionally, make sure that your password is not predictable or easy to guess. Once you have set the password, take the initiative of changing it every month to further reduce hacking risks.

Employ two-factor authentication 

Most hackers try out different combinations of usernames and passwords until they are granted access to the account. With two-factor authentication, you can eliminate that risk, as the hacker would haveto know your password, along with your mobile code.

Change your login URL

Your website could be under threat if you keep using the default login URL. Taking this into account, you are required to change the login URL. It is quite a straightforward process, your SEO agency or your web developers can do it for you in an instant.

Switch to HTTPS For Secure WordPress Website

HTTPS can protect your data at the stage when it is being transferred between servers. This protection is granted as the connection between the web browser and the webserver becomes encrypted. Additionally, switching to HTTPS can improve our website’s ranking in the search results of Google. What’s more, is that making this upgrade would also protect your website from untrustworthy hidden scripts on your system, as well as from scripts which could be used to steal login from data.

Improve the Security of WordPress Themes and Plugins

Get rid of the unwanted themes and plugins. If any of your downloaded plugins and themes is not frequently used, make sure that you deactivate and uninstall it immediately. An unused element can make it more vulnerable to the hacker, who can find a loophole within it and gain access to your website. But before you do consult with your website developers the right course of action, or better you leave it to them as they have a better knowledge of this.

Do not download free plugins from unreliable sources 

Downloaded a free-of-cost plugin from a shady source can put your website at risk. Whenever you do require a plugin, make sure you download and purchase it from the official website. If you use an authentic source, the hackers can target your plugins to gain access through the website’s backend.

Make regular updates 

WordPress gives you a notification when an update is in place. It is important to make regular updates of the installed plugins. You can either do this manually, or you can switch on the auto-update feature for each plugin. However, it is always recommended to take the assistance of your web development agency when updating the plugin.

Adding Security to the Database 

Another thing to secure your wordpress website is to alter the WordPress database table prefix WordPress provides a default “wp_” table prefix to all the database tables of any website. This prefix makes it easier for hackers to gain access to the website and steal your database using SQL injection attacks. To protect your page against these attacks, ask your web development company to create a personalized table prefix, which is unpredictable for the hackers.

Make regular backups 

Keeping a backup is essential at any cost. Making regular backups will ensure that your website remains in safe mode, even in case of an attack. You can always ask your web development agency to make regular backups for your website. This will ensure that your website, in case of any attack, has a fail-safe.

Pick a credible hosting server

Selecting a strong hosting server is extremely important for your website’s safety. Research show that there is 41% of WordPress websites that are easy to hack due to weak hosting server. Currently, SiteGround and BlueHost are two servers that include strong security features.


WordPress is a safer option for your website if you implement the required safety measures into your site. You can follow the mentioned tips to safeguard your page from a potential cyberattack. For all WordPress security fixes and technical SEO fixes, contact Froztech, the best web development company in Miami

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