It is also responsible for reviewing the product’s risks and may cause failures due to poor performance. Before creating a nonfunctional test, you need to have done the usability testing, reliability testing and portability testing which are covered in functional testing. You can make sure the application works.

Cloud Testing

Non-functional tests verify and ensure the quality of functioning, not available, or software volume testing stability requirements in cloud environments. The applications will withstand endurance testing. It is done through recovery testing and measurement activities of cloud environments and infrastructure. The nonfunctional tests are essential as software testing. CONTACT US  

Cloud Testing
Cloud Testing

Expense Control

We rely on the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique to closely control the non-functional security testing project budget by monitoring daily cost reports and performance ratios. We detect variances, analyze root causes, and take corrective actions to keep the project on track. CONTACT US  

Expense Control
Expense Control

Types of
Non Functional Tests

Integration Tests

We can check the interaction between the components and their satisfactory interaction through the interfaces and the effectiveness of adjusting to the non-functional requirements within the same system, integrations with other software systems, or external or internal APIs.

Load and Stress Tests

Through these types of tests, we can identify the system's performance, reliability, and stability through the applications that have been subjected to arduous activities to evaluate their behavior. Also, it is possible to give some solutions to avoid problems with the heavy load test.

Migration Tests

It can be applied in any migration. It can be in the cloud or local environments. In addition, an assessment of the behavior of the functionalities change from one application to another by interpretation, changes in the background, modifications, or updating of the platform infrastructure are carried out.

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Continuous Tests

To detect bugs, we apply this type of non functional test, constantly integrating the DevOps ecosystem of our clients that allows the standardization of the perform testing and automation process

Regression Tests

To fix a bug or to update an improvement. This type of regression testing is done when a change is made within the operating system. In addition, it may involve repeating tests that have already been done and can verify that the system is working correctly.

Requirement Tests

To use this type of test is possible to identify the functional and non functional requirements. Also, it helps to find the problems and differences in the conditions of a product.

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Non Functional Tests Strategy Planning

Non Functional Tests Strategy Planning


We identify and assess each functional aspect, all project risks, and their impact. The team prepares a Risk Register that includes our risk mitigation and prevention practices.


We seamlessly handle change requests, continuously absorbing feedback from stakeholders and user experience to drive our data-driven scoping strategies.


Froztech has extensive experience working with client-side non functional tests management frameworks. This is why we deliver quick and easy debugging solutions.

Unit Non-Functional Test

Unit testing is performed in automated tests and independent tests and does not affect other difficulties during their process. This makes the operation of a unit of code and is efficient separately. It should also cover almost the entire code.

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