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All The Latest & Important Website Design Trends for The Year 2020

Website design trends are everchanging. Each year, a new website design trend emerges, that changes the way people interact with the brand. A well-designed website can boost sales, generate leads, and can offer more visibility if it is optimized for search.

In the digital world, your business makes its first impression with a potential client or customer via the website. Consider your webpage as your interview attire- it needs to represent professionalism and credibility. However, if you are not well-informed on the latest website design trends, there is no need to stress.

Take a look at the latest trends set in 2020.

The Dark Mode

The dark mode on websites has become extremely popular in 2020. The dim design feature is aesthetically pleasing to the new generation of customers. The dark mode in website designs does not only give off a sense of elegance, but it is functional for the users as well. A website operating in dark mode can save power and extend the lifespan of OLED screens.

Additionally, the dark background allows users to direct their attention to minute details in the overall website design. When the dark mode UI is paired with a colorful website, the results show a striking contrast between the design elements. Currently, the dark mode UI is typically paired with webpages using a neon color story. However, this design trend also

works well with futuristic, apocalyptic, and grungy styles.

Hand-Drawn Details

When users visit a website, they desire to understand and connect with the brand. As a result, 2020 has seen a rise in website designs that show the human-like trait of imperfection. This means that websites that feature hand-made drawings, which blend in with the sophistication of the digital structure, are more popular among users.

The amalgamation of hand-crafted drawings and the polished digital outlines introduces users to your brand’s personality. These minor details add an element of fun on the page and allow the user to interact and relate to your business even more.

Inclusion of Submersive 3-D Constituents

3-D visuals have always remained a fan favorite. However, previously using this technology was heavy on the budget and relatively difficult. Now, 3-D immersive website designs are very economical.

3-D design elements are visually appealing for the users, as they offer a hyper-realistic experience on the screen. Additionally, the interactive nature of a 3-D design compels users to stay on the page longer than the time anticipated.

Combining Photos with Illustrations

The fusion of photography and illustrations in website design gives an artistic vibe to the page. The union of graphical design features with original photographs create an eye-peeling illustration, which enhances user experience. This particular trend is very useful for wide range of business websites. It could be used for a tech-company webpage, or it could be applied with a photograph of an actual product sold by your business. You can customize this trend to emphasize the personality traits exuded by your brand.

Increased Use of White Space

 The increased use of white space in web design offers a clean and sleek visual of the page. Currently, website designers are playing with placing a solid structure, outlined by a significant amount of white space. However, you have to calculate the balance of the white spaces, if you don’t want to overwhelm the user. Instead, white space framing should be carried out with the intention of directing focus to the central feature.

Adding immaculately architected white spaces in a website captivates the user’s attention, while also adding an element of organization and order.

Glowing, Fluorescent Designs

In 2020, the web designs have taken a shift to incorporate bold color stories, which work together. Glow in the dark websites holds the tendency to bring the user into the screen with it. Hence, the use of fluorescent colors combined together can give your website a facelift, and therefore bring more users to check out your interface.

In this webpage trend, the use of Duotone design can make the page pop more, particularly if neon colors are used to create a futuristic yet eye-catching page. As the design trend in 2020 focuses more on the color story, the integration of dark and bold colors on the webpage can really invite traffic and improve the user experience.

Bare-Bone Designs

Modern designs focus on offering a minimalistic, simplified, and a stripped-back version of layout featured on the website. An extremely minimalistic design story can assist users to navigate through your website with ease. However, you better not confuse a simplified design with a basic design. Even in a stripped-back version, your website should still have an intriguing central piece for the users to focus on.

In a Nutshell…

The website design trends in 2020 are directed towards demonstrating the brand’s personality using a powerful color scheme and visually-striking photographs or drawings, along with a hint of simplicity to improve user experience.

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