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How to perform an application modernization assessment?

Starting an application modernization process for your company can be demanding, depending on your application type and quantity. Therefore, before deciding what kind of modernization to apply, it is recommended to carry out an assessment. So how to perform an application modernization assessment? Here you will find the main steps.

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Why conduct an application modernization assessment?

Businesses see that digital transformation can help them have a competitive advantage in their market. That’s why more companies are deciding to modernize their legacy systems. They can implement cloud adoption, allow multiple users to manage their apps simultaneously, and automate their processes, among many other benefits.

Usually, companies get overwhelmed by the options. They don’t know which legacy applications to focus on first, how to migrate their applications, which application modernization type to use, the risks, the costs, and how to start the process.

There is not a universal approach to application modernization. Each application is different. Every company’s culture and needs are different. Therefore you must create a modernization process specifically for each company. 

An application modernization assessment allows you to determine which apps to focus on and what type of application modernization to apply. The evaluation reviews your application portfolio from a technical and a business perspective.

Steps to perform an application modernization assessment

The four steps of an application modernization assessment are an executive overview, documentation of products and applications, a gap analysis, and a high-level roadmap plan.

Executive overview

The first step is to determine why the business needs application modernization. What are the business goals you want to achieve? 

You need to identify the forces pushing the need for change, the priorities, concerns, and restrictions that can impact the modernization process. It is crucial to assess the requirements and how they can help you achieve the business’s long-term vision.

Products and applications documentation.

The second step is to examine the current applications portfolio. Determine the app software architecture and technologies you currently use in your company.

You need to analyze your applications’ functionality and capabilities, source code, system architecture, user interfaces, integration with third-party apps, and security.

After that analysis, divide your applications and infrastructure into different groups based on their operating system platform, programming language, software type (Bespoke, COTS, or SAAS apps), and core vs. non-core apps.

Gap analysis.

The third step is to identify the critical applications that need modernization. Companies use many applications to run their business. Therefore, you need to decide which to focus on first. 

With the data you compiled in the previous step, you can perform a gap analysis, in which you identify which apps need to be prioritized based on the needs of your company.  

Roadmap plan.

You can create a high-level roadmap plan that marks the general application modernization strategy. 

If you work with an agency, they can include in the assessment a recommendation on what to do with each application based on their experience with other clients. Also, they can provide a general timeline and cost estimate. 

Remember that since it is a preliminary assessment, you don’t need to go into much detail. You can create a more in-depth analysis if you proceed to the next steps in an application modernization process.

Do you want to run an application modernization assessment?

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We can evaluate your existing application portfolio and create an application modernization plan adjusted to your needs. Our team comprises experienced professionals specialized in software development and application modernization. 

If you want help with your business’s application modernization assessment, we can help you. Froztech has helped many clients with their application modernization projects in many industries. Contact us today for more information.

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