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How to Optimize Google My Business (GMB) To Bring More Leads

In recent years, Google has introduced several new features and tools to make the user experience more simple and friendly. One of them is Google My Business. This tool has become quite important nowadays as it plays an important role in your local SEO search ranking, especially if you operate a small-scale business. Incorporating this tool into your brand will greatly help users to learn important and accurate information about your brand, thereby making potential customers more aware of your business and helping you generate more leads. All this leads to greater profits and a boost in revenue in the longer run. You can achieve all this once you optimize your Google My Business account.

Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB)

But the real question is, how to achieve all this? In this article, we will tell you 6 ways to optimize your Google My Business to help you bring in more leads and give your business a push in the right direction for greater profit and success.

Before You optimize claim your Google My Business listing

This might come as a shock to you, but it is very easy for a random person on the internet to edit details about your business and add whatever they want to, to your Google My Business. Anyone could do it. However, there is a simple solution to this problem and that is to claim your listing. When you claim your listing, you get the authority to list correct and accurate information about your business, and also to keep regularly updating it and making any necessary changes.

This will help you generate greater leads as more people will be able to view the correct information about your business and the more accurate it is, the more likely it is that viewers will find it useful. To make users even more interested, you could even add things like pictures, videos, and virtual tours.

Categorize your business

Some businesses have names that do not give any idea about the type of brand they are and it’s quite confusing for people to determine that. To avoid that, and come in more searches, select a category for your business so that it’s easier for people to access and understand you.

An example of this is that if you own a hotel and categorize it under that category, it will be easier users to understand the type of business and answer certain queries that they may have like if your restaurant has a drive-thru or accepts credit/debit cards.

Ask and answer queries and questions

A very important feature of Google My Business that you can utilize is the Q/A feature and you can use this to answer common questions that you believe your customers might have. Such as whether you offer online payments, car parking services, valet services, and the time taken by your business to deliver your products to the customers. All this information will help customers a lot and might help create a better reputation for your brand. Also, through this feature, viewers and net users will be able to ask you questions as well and you will be able to notify them about them very fast.

Add good quality photos to appeal to the customers

In this era, you cannot just convince customers by providing them with information and written stuff. You also need to SHOW them what you are about. So, be sure to keep adding cool, colorful, and intriguing pictures on your Google My Business listing.

For example, if you own a boutique or a clothing store, add fancy and appealing pictures of the inside of your store and your clothes, shoes, and any accessories you offer. Similarly, if you own a restaurant, post attractive pictures of the food, the inside of the restaurant, and the menu to impress and appeal to customers and to build a better name for your business.

Give a business description

Write an engaging and informative business description to make your customers more aware of what your brand is about and what you are offering. Have you heard of the phrase ‘the first impression is the last impression’? Well, this happens to be true here as well. A good and interesting business description will get you more links as more people will be interested in your brand if they like what you have to say. It will also help you stand out from the competition and make a better name for yourself in the industry.

Do not annoy Google!

Finally, what you need to ensure is that you do not make any mistakes that Google might penalize you for, such as using random and useless keywords in the space for the business name, or having multiple locations listed for a single location.

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