How to make your website design SEO friendly in 5 amazing ways

How to make your website design SEO friendly in 5 amazing ways

Good website design is obviously of great importance in ensuring that your site receives more viewers and that more people click on it. However, if you do not make the use of SEO in your website design, you are bound to lose organic traffic and even if people do click on your website, your bounce rates are likely to be high. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that you incorporate search engine optimization into your website design to improve your ratings and stay in the competition that has seen a considerable increase, especially in the last few years.
So, how to carry this out to achieve successful results? Well, in this article we will tell you 5 amazing ways that you can introduce into your website design to make it more SEO friendly. Scroll down to find out!

5 Ways to make your website design SEO friendly

1. Use an appealing and responsive website design to be user friendly to all devices

There used to be a time people mainly used laptops or computers to access different blogs and websites. However, change has come rapidly, with more people using cell phones and tablets to access the internet and search for different things. Hence, your website design must be the kind that is easily accessible and used on any device and can promptly adapt to different gadgets.
If you do not incorporate this feature, not all your users will have a positive and good experience and you are bound to lose potential viewers and your target audience.

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Also, there’s a greater chance that Google keeps you up on a higher rank on its search engine pages since your website design will be more relevant and SEO friendly than many others, giving you a slight edge over the competition.

2. Content optimization through target keywords

The right kind of content is perhaps the most important factor in determining the amount of traffic you generate on your website. But, even while choosing and creating the right kind of content for your audience, you need to understand that your website will have a higher rank or Google search engine pages if you incorporate SEO. How to do this? Well, start researching to find the right keywords to attract the right target audience.
For example, focus on long-tail keywords. In case you are wondering, long-tail keywords are phrases containing 3 to 4 words that you find out people search for the most. Now that you have found the right keywords, you can create different types of content based on those keywords, such as blogs, videos, and infographics.

Now, let’s focus on the gist of the content. Yes, you have decided on the right keywords and the type of content you are going to post for it. For instance, let’s say a blog. You need to understand that good content is crucial to any website. Just because you have a thorough keyword research and found the right terms does not mean that your work here is done. Because if you stop here, you might have high bounce rates. Hence, make sure that your content is free of any grammatical errors, easy to understand, and relates to the audience in away. Come up with creative and innovative ideas for your content to keep your viewers go WOW and remain deeply engrossed.

3. Use your keywords in multiple places

Many website owners put target keywords at the start but then stop using it. For example, they will use it in the heading and then forget all about it. Ensure that you avoid that. Use them in all articles and blogs at multiple places as well as incorporate them into your website design.
Apart from these places, you could use them in title tags, the slogans you use for your site, URL, and even on file names. This way, you will have a higher chance to attain greater rank and hence attract more viewers.

4. Optimize images and pictures for SEO too

Many people tend to underestimate this factor while incorporating SEO strategy into their businesses, but they need to realize this is just as important. By optimizing images, you have a higher chance of achieving a greater rank on Google search engine pages.
You need to ensure several things while posting an image. Such as, is the image too big or large? Because then it will have trouble loading and users will be annoyed and might bounce off. Also, ensure that you add some SEO optimized text below the image as this has a greater chance of improving your ranking and getting you more viewers.

5. Use an SEO friendly URL

You need to ensure that the URL you use is SEO optimized, or else your rankings might not be as high as you want them to be. You need to help the search engine understand what your website is about so that it can rank it accordingly. If the search engine is confused or is unable to determine what your website stands for, it may disregard your site or not rank it high on its search engine pages.

Also, another trick to a good SEO friendly URL is to not write a lot of categories. Also, while you are separating different topics, use hyphens instead of some other like commas or underscores. This way that your URL is easier and much clearer to understand.
Incorporating SEO friendly techniques into your website design will help make your website more visible to the users. This will help it achieve greater rankings on search engine pages, causing more viewers. Moreover, your audience will take an interest in your site, thereby boosting your popularity and in turn, your revenue.
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