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How To Improve The Bounce Rate On My Website?

The bounce rate of a website refers to the number of people who visit your page and leave without interacting further with the website & it is imperative that you work to improve it. If a visitor fails to examine the second-page of your website, your bounce rate can increase. The bounce rate is the departure of website visitors who leave the website within 1 minute of arriving there. While this behavior may seem typical, it can be adverse for your website in the long run.

On average, the bounce rate of less than twenty percent is ideal. However, if your business lands somewhere around fifty to seventy percent, that number is standard but can be improved. Whereas, a bounce rate of more than eighty percent should ring your alarm bells. If you are wondering, “how to improve the bounce rate on my website?” take the following tips into account.

Facilitate a better user experience

Improved user experience can reduce your bounce rate. When a user visits your page, they should find the website engaging, the layout, and the design features of the site attractive. Your page should be easy to navigate, and it must compromise of relevant information. If the users find your website to be appealing, they would want to explore it further. As a result, your bounce rate will be kept in check.

Make your call-to-action statement visible

If your call-to-action statement is not visible, you cannot blame the users for not interacting with your page. The call-to-action should be right in front of the visitor, primarily at the website’s optimal location, so the users feel compelled to engage with it. In addition to this, the statement must be clear, concise, and genuine. If the services you offer are incongruent with your call-to-action, it can negatively affect your business.

Enhance your website’s speed

Visitors decide to like or dislike the website through their first impressions. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, most users move on to the next option. Considering this, the speed of your website can play an influential role in reducing your bounce rate. Therefore, you must increase the speed of your website.

Conduct A/B testing

A high bounce rate can signify a flawed call-to-action or headline statements. Hence, carrying out A/B testing can eliminate those doubts and ensure that your website is applying the right strategy. Once you integrate features that are more attractive for your target audience, your bounce rate can experience a much need fall.
Similarly, you may also try an alternate version of landing pages using different languages, keywords, and content, to make sure that you can reach your audience.

Using high-quality images and video content

Your website should demand attention. If you want to keep the audience engaged, it is essential to use high-quality, striking images and video content. Videos can capture the user’s attention and urge them to explore more. By implementing these on your website, you can reduce your bounce rate.

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