Major SEO mistakes

How To Avoid Major SEO Mistakes & Rank at the top

When you are just starting to SEO, there are chances that you may make significant mistakes just because you don’t understand the basic SEO best practices or maybe you are only aware of them.

SEO is an industry that shows rapid changes. One thing might work like a charm a few years back but might not bring any results today. So keeping up with the pace is essential when working with SEO. You should be keeping an eye on the latest SEO developments.
Or to be on the safer side, you should hire an SEO agency that deals only in the latest SEO methods.

Below is the article you will learn to identify the most common & major SEO mistakes that you must avoid.

Not Using The Right Keyword Research Tool

Using a keyword tool before working on the content is considered ‘cheating’ by some people. That isn’t true, as a matter of fact, not using a tool is a big SEO mistake.

Google keyword tool and SEMRUSH are keyword research tools that will provide you with an idea of what terms and keywords people are writing in their search engines.
When you use those keywords in your content, your work automatically becomes more relevant to your users, and the best part is, the search engines also understand your content better.

One more critical factor is the title page. The first thing users and search engines read when they reach a page is the title. This helps them understand the content on the page.

We have all the right tools and expertise, so call on Froztech for your keyword research

Not Coming Up With A Meaningful Title

You need an SEO agency that comes up with a meaningful title for your web pages so when search engines and users reach your page, they know what the page is about. Besides, it also helps your webpage to rank high on Google and drives quality traffic your way.
This is where you can judge the capabilities of your SEO company. How they come up with a unique Meta title and description and how they make use of the space provided in the description and title to provide all the necessary information about your business to your audience.

Not Providing Unique Meta Description For Every Page

A proper meta description can lead to more click rates your way, and if your content lives up to the description, you will also see an increase in the conversion rate.
Uniqueness should be emphasized in descriptions (between 150-160 characters) without stuffing keywords and one that seems attractive to the user.

Being Inactive On Social Media

Social media is all the fire these days. So do not make this mistake to not use it for the promotion of your new content or website.

Failing to stay active in social media will make you miss loads of traffic. There’s no need to remain active in all networks or to spend countless hours on social media without an aim.

You will need to determine which platform is best suited for your type of work and audience. Then it would be best if you had trust from the people. The trust will come when you follow leaders from your niche and also provide people with content that is useful and informational.

Not Actively Promoting Your Blog Posts

It’s not realistic to expect that a written a quality post will start trending on social media with everyone sharing it.

This will not happen right at the start since you don’t have a decent audience. To gather a large number of people you will see how your marketing experts take care of boosting the search presence of your post on the internet. So, make sure you are working alongside capable experts.

It will take a lot of dedication and hard work until others start sharing your work, but once you reach this mark, everything gets more convenient.

It requires a lot of effort and market insight to conjure up a post that would engage your audience. This is where individuals and beginners are forced to make mistakes as they do not have the complete resources to tackle all the issues.

For a beginner, it’s easy to get confused about what’s right and wrong, which leads to mistakes that can take away your precious search engine traffic you wanted. So be aware and reap all the benefits you can get from a search engine.

So why not hire an SEO champion like Froztech who can take care of every major to minor detail. Get your phone out and get a free website audit to kick off your SEO campaign.

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