Functional Tests Design

We have methodologies applicable and automated integration testing. They adapt to the client’s context manually or automatically. In addition, the testing tools of the functional tests have the design, planning, estimation, and execution of these tests. Also, we test your applications to make sure work as expected.

Functional Tests Design
Functional Tests Design

Expense Control

On the other hand, we rely on the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique to closely control the functional tests project budget. By the way monitoring daily cost reports and performance ratios. In addition, thanks to functional tests, and different test cases. We detect variants, analyze the root causes and take corrective actions to keep the project on track. We ensure maximum quality assurance by making white and black box tests.

Expense Control
Expense Control

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Functional Tests

Requirement Tests

This type of functional test identifies the functional and non-functional requirements for a system through an automation tool. Also, it finds the problems and differences in the conditions of a high quality product.

System Tests

They are tests that are responsible for evaluating the performance of the requirements in the functional tests. Above all, specifications on business rules, storage, and GUI (graphical user interface). Moreover to reduce failures in production.

Performance Tests

Therefore, in this type of functional tests, we can establish the productivity of the application, under a parameterized load scenario. It is composed of load, stress, stability, peak, volume, and scalability tests.

Functional Tests
Strategy Planning

Risk management

We identify and assess all project risks and their impact on test automation. Also, the team prepares a risk register that includes our risk mitigation and prevention practices.

Requests of change

We seamlessly handle change requests. Also, we continuously absorb feedback from stakeholders and users to drive our functional tests -based outreach strategies.

Test development

Froztech has extensive experience working with client-side functional tests management frameworks. This is why we deliver quick and easy debugging solutions.

Why hire Froztech for your Functional Tests

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Functional Performance Tests

We apply this type of functional test automatically or manually. Through real devices and simulators around the cloud. In addition, security, network, system performance, and compatibility manual tests are included.


Thanks to functional tests, you can start the activities that lead to verification and evaluation: users’ behaviors, experiences, and productive performance in a software application.


Through functional tests, it allows users and applications to perform tests. Certainly, using various devices with different operating systems and browsers to obtain immediate results.


Functional Tests
To fix a bug or to update an improvement. This type of regression testing is done when a change is made within the operating system input data. In addition, it may involve repeating tests that have already been done and can verify that the system is working correctly.


Unit testing is performed in automated tests and independent tests and does not affect other difficulties during their process. This makes the operation of a unit of code and is efficient separately. It should also cover almost the entire code.

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