Executing The Skyscraper Technique Perfectly For Best SEO Results

Executing The Skyscraper Technique Perfectly For Best SEO Results

You have probably been hearing about the skyscraper technique for SEO for a while now. But are you confused as to how it works? Whether it even reaps successful results in the first place? Is it worth it? Well, the answer isn’t that simple. It might work and it might not. It all depends on the strategy you apply and the way you execute this technique. Need help with this? In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about the skyscraper technique and how to perfectly execute it for the best SEO results.

What is the skyscraper technique?

The skyscraper technique is a method in which you improve and better your content and turn it into backlinks.

You start the process by searching for topics related to your business that are popular, trending, or ones you see to be successful and liked by viewers. Now, keeping all this in mind, you need to think up of ways and ideas to create content that gets a similar message across. You could do this in different ways, like making better designs, a more innovative website, or interesting and engaging content including quotes and stats.

Once you have done this, the final thing left for you to do is to reach out and ask those who have already linked or used that kind of content to publish your content, which will help you rank higher on search engine pages and will get you more audience and net users.

Why do I use this technique?

The skyscraper has more than a few advantages for website SEO.

  1. It gives you a chance to better your content and become more competitive as you work harder on your content to create something better than the competition so that your piece appeals more to the audience and is proffered more.
  2. It gives you the chance to increase the backlinks to your blog posts by a dramatic number.
  3. Your blog comments might increase.
  4. It gives you a chance to partner up with or to build better interactions and relationships with other bloggers.
  5. It gives your blog considerable exposure, which in turn will increase your users and boost revenue.

Tips for correctly using the skyscraper technique

  1. Research the competition and try to find out different opportunities

Just like you do in SEO, search content for different keywords, check what is more in, what the viewers would like to see more, and what is trending these days. Also, check out blog posts and articles that have been shared the most to understand what is popular and in-demand these days.

  1. List down all potential companies that could be interested in your content

Think about all the brands, blogs, or influencers who would be interested in your brand. Research about any others that you are not aware about. And make a list. There may be many websites and blogs who may have put out content similar to yours and would be pretty interested in yours as well.

  1. Work on making the best content ever!

Now comes the main part. Creating good, innovative, and intriguing content is extremely important for others to take an interest in it. Think about what type of content you would like to make. Would you like a video, an article, a blog, or an infographic? Write about whatever you are interested in and that you think will fare better than the competition and be liked more by the audience.

  1. Use technological resources available to promote your content

In this age, it is extremely important to get your message across to the audience through the use of different technologies. Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, or email and network messaging to make the audience aware of your new content. Post interesting and appealing headings, pictures, and a one-liner to grab their attention and persuade them to view your content.

  1. Start targeting the right people

Now that people are starting to notice your content, it’s time for the next part of the plan. Get in touch with different bloggers and influencers and share your content with them. Ensure that you treat them cordially instead of forcing them to put out your content, be friendly and accommodating and offer them to show your content through email or message so that they notice how interested and determined you are.

  1. Don’t get outdated

As you may have noticed, the trends keep changing, and so does the viewers’ interests. With time, your content will cease to remain as useful and informative as it was. If you fail to update, then people will fail to get interested. Hence, you must be consistent, keep researching, finding out about new trends and news. So keep putting out relevant content for the audience to enjoy.

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