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There have been numerous advancements in the world of digital marketing and optimization for SEO content is one of them. You are probably well aware of this term, but if you are new to digital marketing, you have probably just heard of it but do not know what it exactly means. In this article, we will tell you all there is you need to know about SEO and the right way to strategize it for your content and website.

What is SEO?

So, what exactly is SEO? SEO, also known as search engine optimization is a way of optimizing the content of your website in a way that ranks higher on search engine rank pages and hence attracts greater viewers.

How do I incorporate SEO into my content?

There are a few ways that you can effectively optimize SEO into your content to generate better results. Some of them are:

Conduct a thorough keyword research

To attract more users and use the right keywords, conduct thorough research before you start to write your content. Search what keywords are being searched for your content, what the people are interested in, and what they are typing on their search bars. Then use those words in your content so that when they type those words, your website automatically ranks higher for those words.

Use the right keywords

Just using keywords isn’t enough anymore. In recent years, Google has made more and more changes for better user experience and in order to rank higher on its search engine page, you need to make sure that your keywords are relevant to the content. And also, that there is sufficient content available for that keyword so that the audience does not bounce off as soon as they open your website. 

Also, if you provide users with thin and low-quality content, there’s a chance your website may be penalized by Google.

Pay attention to mobile keywords

People search differently on smartphones than they do on laptops or tablets. And with almost everyone owning a smartphone these days, it is important that you search and optimize for mobile keywords.

Promote your content

Now that you have written an interesting and SEO optimized content, what you need to do is promote it so that more and more people can view it. So, use means of different strategies such as ads and social media marketing to make net users more aware of your website and attract them towards it.

Types of content

There are many types of SEO content and a few of them are:

Product pages

These are extremely important in various businesses, especially retail and e-commerce sites. They can assume responsibility for a PPC page and SEO content both. 


These are the most widely used method to get your message or services across the viewers. They are engaging, appealing, and interactive and are more likely to attract viewers than other types of SEO content. 


Generally, there are fewer videos than articles or blogs available on search engine pages. So, making a video will actually be pretty beneficial in getting you more users. Videos are engaging and interesting and many people prefer to watch them instead of reading the whole written thing. What we advise you is that you make a video and add content below as well so that whoever wants to watch can watch and whoever wants to read can read. This way, you’ll be getting more people to view your SEO optimized post.


These are extremely common and are an effective way of getting your message across to net surfers. You can write articles in the form of:

  • Paragraphs
  • Lists

Although both are fairly commonly used methods, we would recommend that you write in lists or bullet points because that’s what attracts the audience more these days. Lots of people prefer not to skim through lengthy and time-consuming paragraphs in order to find what they want to. A list covers all the points and can be easily understood, making it a more effective technique and greatly popular among the masses.


When was the last time you opened a dictionary? Pretty sure you don’t remember. However, when was the last time you opened Google to search up a word? Probably within this week? Point being, people barely use the dictionary anymore. Instead they Google words. And what you should be doing is taking advantage of that. Think up and research terms that are more widely used and searched. Such as cooking terms, baking terms, fashion terms, or medical terms. 

If you are writing content consistently but it’s in a haphazard manner or not getting enough viewers, you need to rethink your strategy and start to properly incorporate SEO in your website’s content. Think up the type of SEO content you need, and then use the tips given above to create an effective and engaging Goodluck!

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