Activities in Cloud Development

Direct Connection

    Based on our experience, we are experts in helping companies efficiently and securely link to the cloud platform, improving the AWS cloud management tools of cloud based workloads.

Backup as a Service

    We are in charge of designing, carrying out, and providing you with backup. We include multiple cloud security, and recovery of information, avoiding the loss of your information and services.


    We support you with assistance to keep your information secure within the AWS cloud management platforms, keeping in mind that you can save, share and retrieve information easily and quickly.

Managed Data Center

We have expert personnel in the cloud computing and IT services cloud so that you can locate your services in a data center and disaster recovery. The location of the services in a data center must be supported by access controls, a structured space with safe spaces for defenses against restarts wiring organization, among others. CONTACT US  

Managed Data Center
Managed Data Center

Expense Control

We rely on the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique to closely control the AWS cloud management project budget by monitoring daily cost management reports and performance ratios. Detect variances, analyze root causes, and take corrective action to keep the project on track for good cloud resources service AWS cloud management software and improving the cloud costs CONTACT US  

Expense Control
Expense Control

AWS Cloud

We improve the development operation and services operation management of your cloud. We work with public and private clouds to support your company with connection, configuration management, migration, and monitoring through a load balancer.

AWS Cloud Management
Strategy Planning


We identify and assess all project risks and their impact. The team prepares a risk register that includes our risk mitigation and prevention practices.


We seamlessly handle change requests, continuously absorbing feedback from stakeholders and users to drive our data-driven scoping strategies.


Froztech has extensive experience working with client-side management frameworks to deliver easy-to-debug and fast solutions.

Why hire Froztech for your Cloud Services?

We at Froztech take pride in being a one-stop-shop for all your development needs. We have a team of professionals who simply excel at what they do. WHY FROZTECH? Creative Solutions, Commitment, 24/7 Availability, Unparalleled Prices, Transparency, Project Management

AWS Management

We work end-to-end IT lifecycle management. With AWS cloud management, many companies can improve their business environment and government control. It allows customers to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and simplify compliance.

Let Us Manage the Cloud As Your Business Deserves.