We offer configuration management of​

Hybrid Cloud Environments

    A hybrid cloud is one in which applications run in a combination of different environments. Hybrid cloud computing approaches are widespread as few currently rely entirely on the public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Management

    Hybrid cloud management is a discipline almost always practiced with specialized cloud management tools. For this reason, it requires a deep understanding of security, governance, and end-user requirements.

Why choose us?


    We are an agency with many years of experience in the Cloud, specifically in AWS consulting services. These years of experience have allowed us to know in-depth the architecture we use to solve business problems and use the best practices in the industry.


    We provide a transparent offer of what the customer can expect from the consulting. The underlying architecture for every consulting we offer is clearly stated and what will be delivered by the consultant.


    When you take AWS Consulting with us, you can rest assured we will deliver what was promised. Our Consultants have technical knowledge and competency and have successfully deployed the underlying architecture for other customers in different industries.

Communica- tion

    We communicate throughout the process so you can have constant support. We provide consultations via Q&A video calls, emails, etc. Also, our AWS experts transfer AWS-specific knowledge to your management and IT support staff. Also, our team offers guidance on the operating procedures for your AWS infrastructure.


    Your data is safe with us. We follow strict guidelines to guarantee we maintain the security of your business data.


    Our AWS Consultants can help you get the most out of Amazon Web Services. We offer secure and cost-effective AWS migration.


An AWS Consultant partner can help you design a strategy to develop cloud-native apps, use your AWS-based environment more efficiently, and migrate to AWS.


Managed Data Center

We have expert personnel in the cloud computing and IT services cloud so that you can locate your services in a data center and disaster recovery. The location of the services in a data center must be supported by access controls, a structured space with safe spaces for defenses against restarts wiring organization, among others. CONTACT US  

Managed Data Center
Managed Data Center

Development and DevOps tools

There are various services for companies that allow them to develop and deliver their products efficiently and reliably, which DevOps offers to improve the users’ access. These services make it easy to provision and manage infrastructure, API configuration management, git repositories, fully automated software release processes, reduce time to market, and monitor application and infrastructure performance. CONTACT US  

Development and DevOps tools
Development and DevOps tools

Your trusted AWS Consultant

Froztech provides AWS Premier Consulting. We have a team of AWS-certified experts with experience in Architecture, Sysops, AWS-based infrastructures, DevOps, and ITSM. Our team implements the projects with the budget, time, and quality expected by the customers. Nowadays, mobile application delivery demands multi-cloud services that devices directly cannot support. Our company has qualified agents who help and provide our customers with excellent service experience. We build trust with customers to create secure and scalable operations without inconveniencing their companies.

Your trusted AWS Consultant
Your trusted AWS Consultant

AWS Management
Strategy Planning

Risk management

We identify and assess all project risks and their impact. The team prepares a risk register that includes our risk mitigation and prevention practices.

Change Requests

We seamlessly handle change requests, continuously absorbing feedback from stakeholders and users to drive our data-driven scoping strategies.

Cloud Management Development

Froztech has extensive experience working with client-side management frameworks to deliver easy-to-debug and fast solutions.

AWS Consulting

AWS Consulting Services​

Froztech AWS Consultancy Services have many benefits, including:

Development and Migration Analysis

We can show you how to apply DevOps and AWS services to reduce your development efforts. Also, we can provide migration strategies to reduce re-development, explicitly tailored to the apps and databases of your company.

Cloud Resources Optimization

Cloud resources usage and performance optimization allow you to give the AWS environments a more cost-effective usage, reducing cloud consumption and improving stability even under heavy loads. For example, using cloud-native services and incorporating autoscaling activities. In that way, you can improve the performance of AWS-deployed apps and the productivity of the IT teams.

Failsafe Operations

Our AWS Consulting Services focus on designing streamlined architectures and workflows that allow you to detect failures during operations. So you can isolate the infrastructure components having problems, repair them, and recover quickly.

Compliant Services

Froztech has offered AWS Consulting Services for many years. During all this time, we have tested and tried many methods to implement AWS services. We offer you secure and compliant AWS Management Services in Miami at a competitive price. We work with the best partners and vendors to provide you with the best service.

AWS Consulting services allow you to easily access your business files anytime and anywhere. Our friendly and professional staff can help you. Contact Us!


AWS Cloud
Consulting Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Moving to the cloud can seem challenging, but with the proper implementation, you will experience the benefits it can bring to your company.

Froztech has years of experience providing AWS Cloud Consulting solutions for many businesses. Our AWS Cloud Consulting Services include SysOps and DevOps on the AWS Enterprise Cloud Platform. We have deployed, migrated, and developed many applications during these years.

Among the AWS Cloud Consulting Services we can offer you are:


We support you by improving the operation of your company in the main clouds through monitoring, processing, and administration with our IT team, improving the infrastructure in private clouds and public cloud services, taking into account resource allocations.

Our IT service desk provides supply, administration, monitoring, and operation of the network and IT devices. We are strengthening network availability, considering company resources, and optimizing costs.


Contact us requesting a consulting offer for the AWS solution you are looking for.
We provide a statement of work.
You choose the consulting offer that suits you the most.
Our Consultants deploy, integrate, and manage AWS architecture in your account.


The price for this service varies depending on your needs; not every consulting service is made equal.

Contact us, and we will evaluate your requirements to get you the best deal!

Why hire Froztech as your Independent AWS Consultant?

At Froztech, we take pride in being a one-stop shop for all your development and SEO campaign needs. We have a team of professionals who excel at what they do.

WHY FROZTECH? Creative Solutions, Commitment, 24/7 Availability, Unparalleled Prices, Transparency, and Project Management.

AWS Migration

We can help you develop a migration strategy and procedures to maintain high performance and reduce resource demand in your AWS environment. The migration plan is based on your timeframe, risk management, and goals.

AWS Optimization

We develop AWS architecture and infrastructure designs for AWS-based apps and databases. We can analyze your current AWS infrastructure and identify opportunities to optimize. The optimization allows you to reduce redundant resource costs and cope with heavy loads.

AWS Development

We can design a Cloud architecture using AWS services that allow you to develop and deploy safe and failsafe apps in AWS.

You can start enjoying the AWS environment to the full extent. We provide professional AWS Cloud Consulting Services. Contact us, and our AWS certified consultants will develop a strategic plan and design the AWS environment your business needs to uplift cloud processes in your company.

AWS Management

We work on end-to-end IT lifecycle management. Many companies can improve their business environment and government control with AWS management. It allows customers to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and simplify compliance.

Let us develop the Cloud services that your business deserves.