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9 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know

SEO strategists usually amalgamate the use of on-page and off-page SEO factors to improve their growth online. On-page or on-site SEO strategies include working on the website’s content so that it becomes more appealing to the search engine, as well as the users who visit the website. In on-page SEO, the focus is directed towards improving title tags, content, internal links, as well as URLs.

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On the other hand, off-page SEO focuses on improving factors that are not present on your website. For instance, an off-page SEO expert may work on link building. Realistically speaking, on-page SEO strategies play a more significant role in increasing the traffic on your website. As a result, it should be made your business’s primary concern.

However, as the digital world is constantly evolving, on-page SEO has seen several changes in recent years. The following discusses nine factors that you need to know regarding on-page SEO.

1. Your website’s speed

The speed at which your website loads, is a cardinal factor in SEO. Research shows that most users close their tabs, in case the website takes more than three seconds to load. Around forty percent of these users would leave the site, whereas, eighty percent would fail to return. This suggests that if your website is even slightly slow, your business could suffer a great loss. Therefore, it is crucial to consult SEO experts, who can remove all elements that are slowing down the speed of your website.

2. Your website’s reliability

Google has developed an algorithm, which gauges the reliability of any website by considering three elements. These factors include expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Your website’s content, pages, and elements are rated on a holistic level by raters at Google. The search engine prioritizes the rankings of websites that offer high-quality content. Hence, websites that offer informative and readable content tend to rank higher on the search engine results page.
On-page SEO can help your business improve in these areas. SEO experts integrate keywords into a well-written and instructive content to ensure that your website attains better rankings. Hence, SEO experts can convince Google to deem your business to be reliable.

3. The title tag

What is a title tag? It is an HTML tag, which offers an indication of what type of content is being discussed on that particular page of the website. The title tag is displayed in the search engine results page, along with the browser window. While the tag does not directly increase your rankings, it does, however, damage your SEO strategy, in case it features a mistake in writing. Considering this, on-page SEO can make sure that your title tag is proficiently written and free from any forms of error.

4. Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the brief statements that are seen underneath the title tag on the search engine results page. According to Google, meta descriptions are not considered by the algorithm that determines the website’s ranking. However, research shows that users do rely on meta tags before visiting a particular link. These statements influence your website’s click-through rate (CTR), the user’s perception relating to the helpfulness of the link, as well as shaping the user’s idea regarding what type of content is featured on the website’s page. Considering this, your on-page SEO strategy includes the optimization of the meta descriptions for your website’s pages.

5. Header Tags

Header tags also fall into the category of on-page SEO. While the influence of header tags in the search results ranking is quite limited, adding a heading to your website’s content can improve readability, as well as the users’ experience. When the content displayed on your website is segregated by a well-defined heading, readers are more likely to invest time in reading the page. Considering this, header tags can make sure that users stay on your website.

6. Images

Adding images on your website can make it visually appealing. However, certain types of images can slow down your website, thus reducing the quality of user experience. An on-page SEO expert can direct you on image optimization.

7. SEO-infused content

On-page SEO strategists ensure that the content featured on the website has integrated relevant keywords to improve search visibility. However, when you collaborate with an on-page SEO expert, your website’s content can be created with a strategy that is favored by the search engine’s algorithm. For instance, some websites drive themselves into a suicide mission by overpowering the content with a plethora of keywords. This initiative reduces the quality of the content, thus reducing its rankings in the search engine results page.

8. Interaction with the users

In addition to just bringing traffic to the website, on-page SEO experts improve user experience to make sure that the visitors stay to engage with your business online. You can do this by adding interactive content, optimizing conversion rates, and improving the interface of the website.

9. Updating the existing content

On-page SEO experts further take the incentive of updating the previously updated content on the website. It evaluates the quality of the content and creates a distinction to see the type of content which works. This analysis eliminates all risks associated with the prior content.

Phew!! those are a lot of On-Page SEO factors. So if you need a full service SEO company then get in touch with Froztech right away.

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