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12 Top Web Development Trends In 2020

The web development industry is continuously evolving. Every year, the digital world integrates the latest technology, which enables the websites to include more interactive and communicative features. The latest web development trends allow web designers, as well as interface developers, to employ new ideas to create distinctive, yet unique websites for businesses, so they can attract more users.

The web development trends evolve due to the growth in the field of technology and design. Hence, the latest website development trends can offer an optimal user experience, as a result of improved functionality, along with a visually appealing design.

In 2020, the latest web development trends follow a theme of integrating design and structural elements that are guaranteed to foster user engagement.

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1. Extension of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat boxes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat boxes have experienced a rise this year. Using AI chat boxes on websites enhances the experience of users, who visit your page. This way, all user questions can be instantly responded to. Additionally, businesses can also save money by implementing this system, as they would have to hire fewer resources to handle customer service duties.

2. Use of single-page applications

The use of single-page applications is expected to rise in the current year. The single-page application facilitates a quick transition between pages, they are also lighter and more effective in running websites. Hence, web development companies would resume the employment of single-page applications in the creation of new websites.

3. JavaScript as the primary web development language

In 2020, Java Script is will probably remain the leading web development language. This is because the language is simple, inter-operable, versatile, functional, while also remaining the superior option in the management of server load. Due to this, web developers will continue to use this web development language while creating websites and applications for businesses.

4. Selecting Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for web development

Progressive Web Applications are a more popular choice in platforms where users are expected to return to the application, at a quick pace. These applications comprise of quick loading and top-level elements, which allows them to offer a maximum amount of proficiency. As a result of these properties, the use of Progressive Web Applications in 2020 would become extremely common.

5. Websites that are compatible with smartphones

Statistics show that up until 2019, 49.41 percent of web traffic in the United States was generated through mobile devices. Moving on, when you consider these statistics, more and more web developers are creating versions of websites that are compatible with smartphones. The smartphone-friendly websites can be accessed on a hand-held device, thus inviting more users to the page.

6. Introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a streamlined version of your website. AMPs, sponsored by Google, make sure that the website designed for your laptop, functions equally well on the mobile or smartphone devices. In 2020, web development teams intend to integrate this technology into their website, to ensure the optimal user experience for all devices.

7. The use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or Blockchain technology

DLT or Blockchain technology is a decentralized system, which facilitates a quick peer-to-peer sharing of digital properties, such as a contract. Moreover, Blockchain offers pretty good conventional solutions and you can expect it to be part of the 2020 web development trends.

8. The demand for IT security specialists

In the current year, the requirement for web developers, specializing in cybersecurity, is expected to experience a rise. In the current digital climate, businesses are perpetually at the risk of a cyber attack. Hence, they wish to implement advanced cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety and security of their confidential data.

9. The application of Motion UI Technology

Motion UI is a technology that predominantly applied in the website design and layout. This is major step for better user experience. Furthermore, this is also the reason for its visually stimulating features. In the upcoming years, web development experts would rely on the use of this technology, to promote an engaging web layout.

10. Voice search integration

The popularity of using voice commands has increased in recent years. As voice-activated technology has improved drastically to offer appropriate results, more and more users are now switching to the voice-activated method of searching. To satisfy this demand, web development teams would employ the use of voice search optimization within the created websites and applications.

11. The enforcement of Augmented and Virtual reality in web development

The use of augmented and virtual reality took the digital world by a storm. These tools enable a refined customer experience, which compels web development teams to include it within their designs. Furthermore, you can expect that the use of augmented and virtual reality would be one of the top trends of 2020.

12. Introducing push notifications

Push notifications are the mini messages that you get, even when you are not visiting the website or the application. Similarly, push notifications have proved themselves to be much more effective than the traditional newsletter. Hence, in the upcoming years, web developers would enforce the use of push notification in their design.

The bottom line

The web development trends of 2020 include the integration of features that can offer a maximum degree of convenience to its users, and business. In the current year, web development teams are will rely on the most attractive technology. Lastly, this will certainly guarantee optimized user experience, along with improved user engagement.

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